Born and raised in Blaye, a small province outside of Bordeaux in South West France, Christophe Bertrand grew up in a culture rich environment where food wasn’t just fuel, but a way to connect and celebrate.

Where it all started

Summer vacations with his Grandparents, helping to pick vegetables and cooking with fresh produce on their farm, was the start of the food journey for our Head Chef, who travelled to Bordeaux to complete his apprenticeship.

Where it took Chrisophe

Christophe’s growing passion for food would eventually lead him on an Intercontinental journey, first to London and then to Adelaide. Now at Rezz, Christophe leads his team in the kitchen, incorporating local flavours and learned techniques from his history and experiences.

“For some cooking is science, but for me and where I come from, cooking is an art. It is very important for me in the kitchen to treat food with much respect because there is so much you can do.” 

In his down-time, Christophe still gravitates towards food, enjoying cooking shows on SBS and a good David Attenborough Documentary. His two sons keep him busy and active, and on top of the list is: “of course, a good meal with my wife.”