Nestled at the foot of the Adelaide Hills, Rezz is a local landmark that has been serving the people of the north east for more than 150 years.

The original Reservoir Hotel was built as a watering hole for the mostly European workers who were employed to construct the Thorndon Park Reservoir. Not used to the unrelenting heat and harsh South Australian conditions, it was agreed that the hotel was a necessity for exhausted workers. Although back then it was a real working man’s pub it still boasted a glorious backdrop and magnificent views to the picturesque Thorndon Park. An attractive opportunity for future owners and entrepreneurs Fred and Lorna Hamood.

The immigrant Hamood family took the reins in 1965, transforming the hotel into a modern bar, lounge and dining venue. Forty years later Fred and Lorna’s children Fred Jnr, Richard and Sue-Anne, returned to once again reinvent the popular local – the result is ‘Rezz’.

A new take on an old favourite, Rezz is a fresh and ambient venue that invites diners to enjoy good food in the company of good friends. It’s local, it’s family-friendly and after 150 years it’s still serving up the very best of our great state. Literally.

The next Chapter

We are excited to offer something unique to the Eastern foothills in the future. The projected time to begin the Rezz Redevelopment is Jan 2020.

We are business as usual until end of 2019 (New Year’s Eve to be exact) and in 2020 during the rebuild, our Front Bar, Gaming Lounge, a new pop up Cafe & Liquor Store will be business as usual.

The estimated completion of the brand new Rezz is Dec 2020.

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